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Sorry :O

Sorry :O

Due to the site’s recent birth, much of the database structure of the site which contains the archives will experience a transition, as I produce more articles the site could therefore begin to get confusing, the search bar therefore should prove most appropriate and I am always open to advice from more experienced bloggers or readers on structuring the website for easy accessibility, all in all it is a learning curve them I am trying to adjust to so bare with me, setting up a blog site on a topic as large as this is proving to large for such a website but I will do my best, in the mean time it will suffice but if I do experience a growth in a fan base them maybe I could branch out and produce more blogging sites based on particular topics, but it is too early to think about that. Evidently I am not very good at this so I am always open to advice or assistance, cheers. 🙂

My First Post


I’m brand new to blogging so these first posts may be a little sketchy, this first one will attempt to outline the meaning and criteria of this site for anybody wondering why I created this blog.

About me

I have always had an interested of history since a young age when I was inspired to discover the interesting eventualities of the past in primary school, back then, teachers always attempted to use a creative side in early learning to make lessons more engaging but it planted the seed for what has blossomed into a flower. I will attempt to update this site with posts frequently as I can with the research and writing I have to carry out and I am always open to suggestions for articles if you could email me any topics you wish for me to post, the address is at the bottom of this post.

My purpose

The site criteria is therefore used to provide interesting views or interpretations of past events for people who enjoy learning and maybe even help them with their studies or provide an informative and interesting account on historical periods. This could include the media’s perception of history and their methods of dramatizing historical fiction as shown in films such as Gladiator or Lincoln, or even games such as the Assassins Creed video game series. The articles will attempt to produce engaging responses and debates on the topics of the article to allow different perspectives to be shared, this may help people so ensure to remain on topic and if you do want to discuss something else then you can email me.

I am open to constructive criticism or any emails that readers wish to send me and I will attempt to respond as quickly as I can.


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