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Historical Leaders – Be Inspired

Historical Leaders – Be Inspired

Today I read an interesting passage from an unknown author as follows:

”At the age of seven, a young boy and his family were forced out of their home. The boy had to work to support his family. At the age of nine, his mother passed away. When he grew up, the young man was keen to go to law school, but had no education.

At 22, he lost his job as a store clerk. At 23, he ran for state legislature and lost. The same year, he went into business. It failed, leaving him with a debt that took him 17 years to repay. At 27, he had a nervous breakdown.

Two years later, he tried for the post of speaker in his state legislature. He lost. At 31, he was defeated in his attempt to become an elector. By 35, he had been defeated twice while running for Congress. Finally, he did manage to secure a brief term in Congress, but at 39 he lost his re-election bid.

At 41, his four-year-old son died. At 42, he was rejected as a prospective land officer. At 45, he ran for the Senate and lost. Two years later, he lost the vice presidential nomination. At 49, he ran for Senate and lost again.

At 51, he was elected the President of the United States of America.

The man in question: Abraham Lincoln”

-Author Unknown (But if you do know who wrote this originally then please let me know)

Portrait of Abraham Lincoln - Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1b/Abraham_Lincoln_November_1863.jpg
Portrait of Abraham Lincoln – Image Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1b/Abraham_Lincoln_November_1863.jpg

Your Position

Usually when you think of great historical leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill or the Founding Fathers they seem to be placed in a mythological aura. An aura that separates them from the rest of humanity and a gift unjustified for their unexplainable qualities which make them great leaders. Simply what I’m saying is to remove this perception of great leaders. Luckily this perception is slowly becoming obsolete but the traditional view of leadership mainly revolved around these unexplainable qualities that cannot be obtained by a mere mortal. Views to trend but many people remain in this lack of positive thinking and confidence. I myself have been a victim to this, sure, there are external barriers outside of your internal sphere but these just limit chances. The world has changed for the better where this chances are given much more frequently to the people trying to push through that barrier, yes we still have issues regarding aristocratic dominance but opportunities are much more frequent, so what’s stopping you?

What I question is people that don’t do anything about being sealed in a small box of mediocrity, at least in their eyes, they just need to be inspired and motivated, and then act upon it to pursue the career of their dreams, what have you always wanted to do, what is your passion? That’s why I envy people who can form a career from their hobbies, something I have been encourage to keep separate for a successful working life.

Your Opportunities

Times have changed, opportunities are there but they need to be grabbed, be pro-active and pursue your dreams, be more confident, it takes many failures to learn the way of success as was shown in Lincoln’s life. Back in 18th and 19th century Britain, there was very limited mobilisation of classes, if you were born into a working class family then you were destined to work on a farm or in a factory… and if you are lucky… a skilled profession or Artisan. Borough’s in the nineteenth century UK were also a problem which ensured the working class could not have a political monopoly, instead it was placed within the hands of the aristocracy. Boroughs, whether pocket boroughs or rotten boroughs were both represented by two MP’s regardless of the population of the Borough, and usually the working class were in larger boroughs and therefore the population of the working class did not receive as much representation relative to the aristocracy.

Anyway I have ranted on but you get the picture, there were so many factors restricting people from the lower classes but some people still excelled. Take Andrew Carnegie for example, he was born into a very poor family but led the steel industry and became a business magnate, earning an abundance of millions and becoming the second richest person in the world behind John D. Rockefeller… a true rags to riches.

Following is a link to the Emmy award winning documentary on inspiring men such as Andrew Carnegie – http://www.history.com/shows/men-who-built-america

Portrait of Andrew Carnegie - Source: http://greatimmigrants.carnegie.org/images/1835_ac.jpg
Portrait of Andrew Carnegie, a True Rags to Riches – Image Source: http://greatimmigrants.carnegie.org/images/1835_ac.jpg

Be Inspired

My personal goal would to be a Journalist for a magazine on either history, film or music, or even my local newspaper, I mean I applied for some work experience for the local newspaper and got no response but I’m not going to give up, I’m going to try and prove my worth and improve upon my writing skills on documenting and blogging these articles. All we can do is do our best, never half ass anything, put your mind to it and if it helps only focus on one thing at a time, its better to do one thing properly rather than half ass a few things, I probably cant talk or I’m contradicting myself but you get the point of what I’m saying, and please think about the quote on this article at the beginning, it places things in perspective when aspiring to be a great leader or in general a great individual against the world, just if you do manage it, please strive to do good things, the world could use the healthy spirit.

The majority of the people reading this will be of the Western World, your opportunities are endless and you have unlimited potential, don’t waste it and make yourself and your family proud.

Please Subscribe

I have only just opened up subscriptions so if you enjoy this site then please subscribe, it would really help and spread the website, I would really appreciate it, truly. Please send me an email if you have any question or comment on this post, my email is historybuff2112@gmail.com

Home Bound

Home Bound

Hello there…

Right so I’m back from my holiday, an experience which has now left me with a cold, how has everyone been doing? I just need to apologize for how slow the articles are coming out. The problem is I’m doing this all by myself and it takes quite a lot of time between work and other projects, I didn’t realise this would take so much work to be fair. However it is good to see that my posts are attracting people from all around the world, I’m seeing a lot from the United States, Canada, Australia and even the Northern Mariana Islands which is great! I’m very happy to see that these posts are bringing in readers from all kinds of countries and places, however I’m sorry for my slow progress. I’m also relatively new to the art of this so my website is still quite basic, and it looks that way.

Site Changes

Spring Bound! Source: http://laurieevans.com.au/i/article/img/article-54-hero.jpg
Spring Bound! Image Source: http://laurieevans.com.au/i/article/img/article-54-hero.jpg

Some changes will be made to the site to transform its looks and make it easier to read the posts, I’ll try and update it more often but its quite difficult, that is why I’m looking for a contributor to produce more articles so if you want to be part of something great then please let me know and that would be awesome, it would be beneficial for everyone and I can continue advertising for the site too. The Howard Hughes articles will continue as well as some other ideas such as the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta and the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo recommended by Horatius Cocles. Other smaller article ideas include a look at the Assassins Creed series with regards to historical insights, a look at ‘Mad’ Jack Churchill, help with historical studies and also a look at the World of Tanks sector of Wargaming. All my contact details are listed in the ‘Contact Us’ page so if you want to get a hold of me then please refer to that or email me at historybuff2112gmail.com for any queries or questions. Cheers.

A Brief History of Valentines Day

A Brief History of Valentines Day

Ancient Origins

Saint Valentinus - Source: https://douglawrence.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/stvalentinemosaic.jpg
Saint Valentinus – Image Source: https://douglawrence.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/stvalentinemosaic.jpg

St. Valentines Day actually traces its origins back as a Christian celebration to one of the early Christian saints named Valentinus. Straight away this is when details get fairly vague as they are given under the general title of ‘legend’ and according to legend, Saint Valentine of Rome was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians, who were persecuted under the Roman Empire. The legend goes on and apparently he healed the daughter of his jailer, and following this his execution awaited but he left a letter signed ”your valentine” as a fair well.

Modern Origins

Cupid, a common symbol of Valentines Day - Source: https://lovemealovestory.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/cupid.jpg
Cupid, a common symbol of Valentines Day – Image Source: https://lovemealovestory.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/cupid.jpg

However, that was the ancient origins of Valentines Day, it does not really reference any emotion or feeling of love for the modern association when it comes to defining Valentines Day. Apparently the day was first associated with romantic love in the eighteenth century, obviously much later than the setting of the saint legend, so early and mysterious that barely many people actually know the ancient legend origins which is why I have provided a brief account, even though I’m not the sentimental of types but ah well. The High Middle Ages however, was when the tradition of courtly love began to flourish, associated with romantic love in the light of Geoffrey Chaucer, widely considered the father of English literature who wrote many love poems in the fourteenth century.

A typical Valentine Card - Source: http://www.graphicsfuel.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/valentines_card.jpg
A typical Valentine’s Card – Image Source: http://www.graphicsfuel.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/valentines_card.jpg

Eighteenth century England was when Valentines Day was definitively associated with its gift giving and romantic tradition, love was expressed using gifts such as flowers and greetings (valentines) cards were given and were often confectionery. In modern times, Valentines is built to be one of the major holidays, personally I prefer Shrove Tuesday (or more commonly known as Pancake Day :D). Today, when you think Valentines Day, you think of your partner, cupid, hearts, flowers, chocolates and romance, this was built up from ancient days but the association with love wasn’t really established until the eighteenth century, at that time courting was a major thing and this has developed into a popular holiday for couples. Valentines Day cards aren’t always given to partners, even family members, in the United States the Greetings Cards Association estimated that about 190 million valentines are sent each year, with half going to friends or family members, essentially people that are not romantically involved with that person but just a sweet gesture.

Anyway thank you for reading my brief take on Valentines Day, enjoy your day. 🙂

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