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Fights of the Century – A Game Changer

Fights of the Century – A Game Changer

Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Weigh In - Image Source: http://behindthegloves.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Manny-Pacquiao-vs-Floyd-Mayweather-1.jpg
Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Weigh In – Image Source: http://behindthegloves.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Manny-Pacquiao-vs-Floyd-Mayweather-1.jpg

Under the light of the big fight yesterday I decided I would write a short article comparing it to the original fight of the century. Although a few fights have been dubbed the ‘the Fight of the Century,’ the one usually associated with that title is the fight between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali, two unbeaten foes who under much anticipation would decide the real champion of the ring, sounds similar to yesterday’s fight? This article will simply discuss some differences and similarities in boxing while primarily analysing these two bouts. Although not entirely associated with history as I understand, I have quite a passion for boxing so I felt compelled to write this so I apologise in advance.

In my opinion, boxing has taken a hairpin turn for the worst ever since the 1980s, fights are not frequent enough and it is common to see a six month gap between fights for fighters whereas back in the Golden Age of boxing (1960s-1970s) most fights were between two weeks and a month apart and enjoyed many more interesting and conflicting characters than now, and great rivalries existed which gave birth to the classic fights which would live among the greatest bouts forever. I think this is a major problem when it comes to boxing is the lack of personality. You had loud, brash characters such as Muhammad Ali who adopted his own personal unorthodox style of boxing. Big and powerful boxers vilified by the general public such as George Foreman and Sonny Liston. Awkward boxing styles whose technical abilities was a major issue for opponents such as Floyd Patterson and Ken Norton and finally relentless and unforgiving fighters such as Joe Frazier and Ron Lyle. It was clear at this point the heavyweight division was where all the spectators would crowd.

The heavyweight division is now just dominated with people with ridiculous genetics and therefore usually much taller than the average, much heavier than the scaled boundary and with no personality which has left boxing with a lack of vibrant players. Many have turned to the welterweight division and yesterday was the day the world witnessed two boxers who many have anticipate would fight to claim the undisputed title. I find it difficult to engage in such a sport where there is such a lack of personality and you have people like Justin Bieber rocking up with Mayweather on the side lines for the introduction.

The Original Fight of the Century

Muhammad Ali (left) vs. Joe Frazier (right) - Image Source: http://a.espncdn.com/photo/2011/0304/box_a_alifrazier1_576.jpg
Muhammad Ali (left) vs. Joe Frazier (right) – Image Source: http://a.espncdn.com/photo/2011/0304/box_a_alifrazier1_576.jpg

The day was 8 March 1971, both Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier had legitimate claims to the title, Ali originally won t by defeating Sonny Liston several years later until 1967 when the title was taken from him due to issues regarding the Vietnam War. The title was therefore left vacant and was there for the taking, and the man who won the competition for the title was Joe Frazier, both fighters were undefeated and it was a meeting of two individuals hungry for the title. The fight was therefore organised to decide who was the real world heavyweight champion. Prior to his lay off, Ali was unusually fast for his size, he showed excellent dexterity and skill in the ring, destroying opponents who in the public eye believed Ali did not have a chance of beating.


I’m not sure where I’m even going with this article, its basically just a rant against those in boxing, the lack of likeable and differentiated personalities which are represented in the sport and have basically in my eyes killed it, not completely but ever since the four great middleweights of the 1980s (Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, Marvin Hagler and Thomas Hearns) had hung up their gloves, boxing has died and now combat sports are mainly dominated by UFC. I’ll probably end up deleting this article but we will see, it really shouldn’t be here.

My Apologies

My Apologies

As some of you are aware I haven’t posted in over a month and I have been really slacking lately, unfortunately right now I am very busy and I have been struggling to find the time to post. This problem is leaving the site a little bear and I apologise for this. Also you may have noticed the layout of the site has changed quite a lot, this is due to an update in the theme that I have been using, I am not sure whether it’s actually an improvement because I am finding it more difficult to navigate the site. If you agree then please let me know and I will change it but if you prefer it then I can simply allow it to remain.

Although I haven’t posted in the last month that doesn’t mean I have abandoned the site, I have been formulating drafts and other ideas so I can post many in quick succession. Some ideas include a recap of the reburial of the controversial king… Richard III. I will also write substantial posts on anniversaries of key and monumental events throughout British history such as the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta and the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, two very important aspects of British history which has helped shape the country what it was and what it is today.

The reason I have been so busy is my search within the job market and the initiation of my business course, these things have taken up nearly all my time and therefore the website has been left stagnant, I am still searching and learning but I’m writing this post to apologies for my absence. Its why I’m pleading people such as users and subscribers of the site to make contributions and keep the site alive so we can push for a larger fan base, I did not anticipate the scale of the project I was undertaking which has taken quite a back foot in my priorities these past few weeks.

Want to get involved?

So I apologise for my absence and if any of you have any ideas or want to contribute then please let me know, you can sign your work and have it published on the site for all to see and I’ll be very pleased then you have put the time to write for the website. If you need to contact me then please email me at historybuff2112@gmail.com and thank you for understanding. 🙂

New Blog… Movie Mumblings

Movie Mumblings


Source: https://hospitalandoutreach.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/filmreel.jpg
Source: https://hospitalandoutreach.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/filmreel.jpg

Alright so following this site I decided to pursue some other interests and I’ve always had quite a passion for films and consider myself a bit of movie buff as well as a history buff. Naturally I created another blog but this time its a WordPress site, its brand new and I’m keen to make it popular. The main point of this new blog is basically to review films and television shows whether old or new to inform people of any old films they have missed or have planned to see but need to be swayed. I will go through the main aspects of the film and list the positives and negatives as well as deliver a final verdict out of 10. But its purpose means that hopefully if people read my reviews they will go on to watch a film or even if its a negative review it could raise comments and debates regarding the quality of the film. Well that’s pretty much all I have to say so if you want to contact me then please email me at historybuff2112@gmail.com or claptrap2112@gmail.com 

The URL of the site is the blue font heading and I’ve already constructed a review of the Aviator well… enjoy, thank you 🙂


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